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Manage all your leads in the cloud

You are able to better manage your leads in this easy to use cloud based software. All your information of your potential clients is entered only once on to your management system and can be accessed and altered if needed be on your mobile devices. Categories of information is entered just the once with accessibility from your desktop to any of your mobile devices available. Information like email address type of work to be carried home address phone number the lead source are entered and become part of your potential client data base.

Appointments managed from office to employee phones

Once your client information and potential job description is entered on to the system an appointment can be organized through the use of a inbuilt calendar which creates appointments times place and a brief job description for your salesman to do your quote .An icon a one push button allows you to call the client if needed and another shows you on the map where your client is located.

Manage quotes from the cloud

Once your appointment is organized and given a number you meet your client you can collect further information about there proposed job. Information such as photographs and video capture a written description of the works to be carried out can be added. You can categorize what type of work it is and email your quote directly to the client whilst on site. You are able to fill in equipment lists of what gear you need and fill in your required health and safety risk assessments. You can add individual items and create the quote within seconds. You can book the quote in on the spot using the calendar and capture the clients signature all on your mobile device. All the information is available in real time by the administrator who can see what has been inserted instantly.

Manage work from all devices

You can book the quote in on the spot using the calendar and capture the clients signature all on your mobile device whilst on site. The calendar allows you to glance at what jobs you have on and where you would have space to insert a new works order into the system. Information as to where and when you wish to carry out the job. Depending on your level of access you have access to all information if just a contractor you will see the information without the figures. The work order is then passed to the contractor who then is able on his mobile device have access to the job description and all the content video and photo capture as well as the risk assessments and health and safety documentation which relates to his work order. This allows a free flow of information to fully equip your staff with job at hand. On completion the staff are able to mark the job completed and send an invoice to the client all from the mobile device.

Manage payments and integrate with Xero & MYOB

Payments are monitored by the system you can see at the touch of a button what work is on the calendar and the monetary value of that work. You are able to search the system allowing you to know what is owed and the total of all the work you have quoted carried out or indeed what work is pending. You are able to mark on the system the type of payment if you wish to track how people are paying you.

Get detailed insight on all your business activity

Reports can be prepared at the touch of a button telling you your expenses your cost of marketing giving you the ability to monitor your whole system from anywhere in the world you have mobile reception or wi-fi. To have your finger literally on the pulse of each important aspect of your business. Reporting allows you to understand with certainty how your business is performing all at the touch of a button on a device you carry with you all day every day. The convenience and simple use of this system works to allow you more time and efficiency a proven tool to increase your bottom line and give a greater awareness of what's happening moment by moment.

Basic Plan

$45 /month
  • 1 Contractor account
  • 1 Sales rep account
  • 1 Admin account
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Business Plan

$95 /month
  • 3 Contractor accounts
  • 2 Sales rep accounts
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Premium Plan

$190 /month
  • 8 Contractor accounts
  • 3 Sales rep accounts
  • 2 Admin accounts
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What they say about TreeHQ

"We have now been using TreeHQ to run our business for two years during which we have saved valuable time with the day to day operations. TreeHQ has allowed us to work effectively and efficiently.

We now have better time management and a system that works for us that I am confident in using and proud to have conceived. Empowerment is a word used in business and every day life and this tool has done exactly that for us.

I am now in control using a business tool that works for me.

Len McKeown



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